BMA Cricket Club

BMA cricket Club is a platform for our young and old to come together & enjoy playing against some great sunday clubs in the county of sussex. We have a number of matches lined up for the next year.For more details please contact us via  or


"Brighton Malayalee Association Cricket Club (BMA Cricket club) aims to provide a first class environment for cricket that encourages excellence and personal development whilst ensuring a friendly ambience and social commitment is maintained by its members. We seek to improve the overall experience of Cricket for our members and also to focus on regular training, health and wellbeing"


Foster and promote the sport of cricket at all levels within the community and within the sport, providing opportunities for recreation, coaching and competition. 
Play focussed, friendly cricket - always observing the spirit of cricket. 
Develop the talents of our young and upcoming players.
Develop a strong sense of team spirit and social culture.
Strengthen the relationship within BMA members. 
Promote health and wellbeing.

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